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Pokémon Colosseum - Nintendo Gamecube - PAL/EUR/UKV - Complete (CIB)

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- Original Nintendo Gamecube - Region: PAL/UKV/EUR - Normally used condition - CIB / Complete In Box with Manual - 1 Year warranty
Artikelnamn: Pokémon Colosseum - Nintendo Gamecube - PAL/EUR/UKV - Complete (CIB)
Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara
(2-3 veckors lev.tid)
995 kr SEK
Releasedate 2004
Regioncode DOL-GC6P-EUR


Pokémon Colosseum - Nintendo Gamecube - PAL/EUR/UKV - Complete (CIB)

-Original Nintendo Gamecube
-Region: PAL/UKV/EUR
-Normally used condition
-CIB / Complete In Box with Manual
-1 Year warranty

Players: 1-4
Genre: RPG
Regioncode: DOL-GC6P-EUR
Release Year: 2004
Age: 3+
Publisher: Nintendo

Story Mode: Gotta Save 'em All!
In the Orre Region a sinister organization is capturing Pokémon and misusing them. It's up to you to restore balance. Seek out the Shadow Pokémon, snag them, and restore their spirit.
You'll snag lots of Pokémon that you couldn't catch in Hoenn -- like Bayleef.

Battle Mode: World's Collide
Unleash your Pokémon from Story Mode or send in your team from Ruby & Sapphire! Let them show off their true power in Single, Double, and Multi Battles!
Bring your Pokémon from Hoenn like Latios and Latias to dominate the Colosseum circuit!

Pokémon fans can now battle their favorite Pokémon on the grand stage. Starring a brand new leading character, Pokémon, Colosseum offers a story mode that pits you against tough trainers who routinely catch damaged Pokémon. In Battle mode, you can use the Game Boy Advance cable to send your team from your Pokémon Ruby or Pokémon Sapphire Game Pak to your Gamecube, then witness the true potential of your team. Rescue Pokemon and watch them come to life in spectacular Colosseum battles.


Artnr: DOL633
Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara
(2-3 veckors lev.tid)
Releasedate 2004
Regioncode DOL-GC6P-EUR
  • Releasedate: 2004
  • Regioncode: DOL-GC6P-EUR


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