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Conan - Nintendo Gamecube - PAL/EUR/UKV - Complete (CIB)

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- Original Nintendo Gamecube - Region: PAL/UKV/EUR - Normally used condition - CIB / Complete In Box with Manual - 1 Year warranty
Artikelnamn: Conan - Nintendo Gamecube - PAL/EUR/UKV - Complete (CIB)
Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara
(2-3 veckors lev.tid)
295 kr SEK
Releasedate 2004
Regioncode DOL-GC9P-EUR


Conan - Nintendo Gamecube - PAL/EUR/UKV - Complete (CIB)

-Original Nintendo Gamecube
-Region: PAL/UKV/EUR
-Normally used condition
-CIB / Complete In Box with Manual
-1 Year warranty

Players: 1
Genre: Adventure
Regioncode: DOL-GC9P-EUR
Release Year: 2004
Age: 16+
Publisher: TDK

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime in the epic environment of the Conan Universe. Master the sword of the greatest warrior to roam Hyboria! Complete Conan's quest across 5 vast regions of Hyboria, from the icy Cimmerial to the steaming jungles of Dafar! Find your way through endless secret temples, cursed catacombs and forgotten caves! Defeat 10 fearsome bosses! Develop your fighting skills with 16 types of sword, axe and mace, plus 50 different combos! Follow the quest and find all lost parts of the legendary Atalantean Sword to combine them into the ultimate weapon! Live in the deep, exciting storyline created in the spirit of Robert E Howard's original Conan tales! Battle against your friends in the 11 arenas in 3 battle modes, Death Match, Body Count and Time Challenge!


Artnr: DOL106
Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara
(2-3 veckors lev.tid)
Releasedate 2004
Regioncode DOL-GC9P-EUR
  • Releasedate: 2004
  • Regioncode: DOL-GC9P-EUR


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